Black Box screening at the Paramount Theatre, Boston



Black Box will be screening at Emerson College’s Paramount Theatre on Sunday, September 22nd at 4pm.  Two other short MFA thesis films will screen with Black Box: Paper Kite, by Qinshu Zuo, and The Other Side, by Chang Liu.

The event is free and sponsored by Emerson College.  No RSVP needed.


New film, new name

Beach Plums at Russian Beach

Beach Plums at Russian Beach

It has been quite a long journey since I began making Sand Castles, and since then, its name has changed, and so has mine.  The past 3 years have brought some major life events– a proposal, wedding, purchase of a home, sick family members across state lines, new jobs, a foray into teaching, and the creation of my first feature-length documentary film, Losing LeBron.  Through it all, I kept coming back to the film, and I’m extremely proud to announce its completion.  The film, now named Black Box, is a short, experimental meditation on memory, trauma, and recovery.  Shot on 16mm, the film uses hand processing, archival footage of Igor Sikorsky’s helicopter test flights, and children’s texts to lead the audience through the past and present.

Black Box is currently off to festival land.  Please visit back here for any festival and screening dates.